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Earn Commissions by sharing Prosperity with others.

Holly Porter is dedicated to creating and delivering wealth-building and life-changing products, programs, and events for people everywhere, to help them create prosperity; so they can lead powerful, freedom-based lifestyles.

Holly Porter is an influencer, trailblazer, and innovative entrepreneur and philanthropist. Holly is also an International Speaker who inspires business breakthroughs and personal transformations, helping you formulate a prosperous & sustainable business, using cutting-edge tools.

Holly has had nine (9) successful startup companies. It is no wonder why many clients find Holly on their own; however, we highly value those referred to us by people like you! 

Holly's whole mission is to help people succeed financially with multiple income streams so they can be prosperous.

That’s why Holly created her affiliate program to reward those who do refer others to our websites. It’s her way of saying thank you for sharing your recommendation of our resources to your friends, family, clients, and lists. (After all, you tell them about us anyway!)

There is no cost to join – all you need to do is sign up!

Afiliate Programs are a great way to add an additional income stream. Millions of companies on the web currently use affiliate programs to help sell their products and services. It’s a win-win situation for both seller and company: The seller (YOU) gets a commission, and the company gets a sale it otherwise may not have. 

We’ll pay you a commission for every eligible product or course sale or event registration purchased through your affiliate link. There is no cost to join – all you need to do is sign up. You can begin promoting products, courses, and events right away. You don’t even need a large email list to be successful.

Affiliates earn steady commissions by simply using free social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and simple web pages and blogs. 

Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Program

  • 25% commission on ticket sale of Prosperity Event—Holly's premier event. (Includes food for attendees)
  • 20% For every Speaker/Sponsor who joins us.
  • 20% Commissions on every sale for commissionable products ,books, courses, and events purchased through your affiliate link unlimited earning potential (no caps). (commission payouts for each are revealed after you enroll.
  • No Cost to join our affiliate program
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments, real-time, accurate sales tracking net 60 from orders purchased to avoid chargebacks.

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

Anyone can become a Prosperity Profiler Affiliate, as long as they only use ethical marketing methods to promote our programs. We will NOT tolerate anyone promoting our programs via unsolicited email marketing (or “spam”).

Additionally, you may not promote our programs via sites or use marketing methods that contain offensive content, at our discretion.

How Do I Get Paid?

COURSES OR PRODUCTSWe pay via Paypal or check. Commissions are paid 60 days after the close of the month in which the referred customer purchased through your affiliate link. This is done to avoid chargebacks.

EVENTS – We pay you 30 days after the event concludes via Paypal or check. 

What if I have questions?

Got Questions? No Problem.  Best way to contact us is to email us at Holly@HollyPorter.com and or text us at (702) 907-6723.  and we would be happy to help you. 


  • Holly Porter and Prosperity Profilers will not be held responsible if you refer your affiliate link to people with computer systems that do not allow the cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit, or if they already have another affiliate’s cookies on their system.

  • Regarding returns. If the product you receive a commission on is returned, we’ll deduct the paid commission from your affiliate payment.

  • Not all products and programs have the same commission structure. Check the Affiliate Resource center to know which products, courses, and events are eligible for commission.

  • Affiliates need to be current on all payments to, Holly Porter and Prosperity Profilers on all products, programs, and services in order to be eligible to receive an affiliate commission.

  • If an affiliate is not eligible to receive affiliate commissions for more than 6 months, affiliates commissions will be forfeited.

  • Commissions cannot be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link.

  •  International (non-U.S.) affiliates are paid through Paypal only.
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" The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it" - Jerry Gillies

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