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The 40/40 Rules Book

Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40

It’s time to finally take charge of your life and design the life of your dreams!

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“The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom from 40 Women over 40 is a quick-reading compilation of the authors’ responses to the same thoughtful questions about how they each navigate their lives. Through this emerges a tapestry of stories colored with personal life lessons, invaluable knowledge and encouraging insights. Although there is diversity within the group of authors, there seems to a common denominator about this season of life that develops. It’s about the time women bloom into the best versions of themselves. Lessons learned reshape and define our self-esteem, values, and desire to serve others with clearer purpose. Rather than a threshold signaling an irreversible step into the eve of old age, 40 is actually pretty magical.” I highly recommend the book!

Andrea Stockton Business Owner

Meet Cary MacArthur in a

  • Double your productivity to create the business you have always dreamed about; working smarter to create more profits faster.
  • Would you love to have more time each day to get it all done and have more fun while you’re doing it? You can simplify your life learning: How to grow your business from where it is now to where you want it in the shortest amount of time.
  • Get Real Answers to Today’s Hard Questions. Finally get your questions answered about what works so you can design a life to the size of your dreams.
  • Do You Know How Valuable You Are? Learn what the core values are within a sisterhood community of women who truly believe every woman should be cherished and not just tolerated. Understand what a life well lived actually is, and How To Tap in and Turn On to live the most powerful you! Loved and Appreciated!
” The Authors of The 40/40 Rules-Wisdom are women over age 40 who are unique in themselves and share their diverse paths to achieve want every woman wants: to feel special and be special and gain great wisdom.”

MaryAnn AllenBusiness Owner

Meet The Authors


Featuring Co-Author – Cary MacArthur

Cary Mac Arthur: PersonalEmpowerment Coach, Speaker, Author, Teacher, and Student(with a BA in both Psychology and Spanish and currently working
toward a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.)

She is a wife, mom, and grandma. Her grandkids call her “Rassy,” and that is her most favorite title.

Cary loves living her life aloud and on purpose. She is the founder of five Fundamental Steps to finding Your V*O*I*C*E and host of Dare to Find Your VOICEpodcast.

She also co-hosts the award-winning Mechanic toMillionaire podcast with her husband, Dave. Cary & Dave have been married twenty-nine years.

They have five kids and six grandkids.
Instagram: @CaryMac
Twitter: @CaryMac


About the Founder and creator of the Rules Book Series – Holly Porter

Holly Porter is the Author of ten books, including five #1 International Best Sellers.

Holly has inspired and assisted over seventy other women in reaching a new level of success; but most importantly, helped them to see what it is they are truly capable of to shine there light to the World and has aroused within them a new and profound confidence.

When Holly is not working to accomplish million-dollar makeovers for her clients, she can be found relaxing with family and friends in elite locations from around the globe. Furthermore, you can find her expanding her knowledge through books and conferences, fundraising, and tending to her eight children, five grandchildren, and husband, Scott Porter. Holly currently resides in St. George, Utah.


What Other People Are Saying:

“What a great idea to bring forty women together and get different perspectives for each of them.

I learned many different ways others have done things! It gave me hope that I too could try some new things in my life and be just fine.”

Melissa Krampitz


“This book has brought me some new insights and the feeling that I am not alone when it comes to doing “life stuff.”

I have learned a lot about 40 women who definitely have some wisdom to share. You should learn a lot too!”

Laurie Hartling

laurie and Holly

“Holly Porter has done it again! You Won’t Want To Put This Book Down. She has brought together forty amazing women who share a wealth of information, their heart, and real wisdom from years of experience.

The book is like a tapestry of various experiences to help any women who read it, feel a true sisterhood, inspiration and come away with ideas on how to be more prosperous in life and business. I highly recommend this must-read book for anyone who wants to move their life forward.”

Michelle Finnagan Nixon


Learn What’s Inside This Amazing Book:

Each Author Was Asked The Following Questions.

  • How important do you feel commitments are?
  • What do you suggest to others for creativity and productivity?
  • What is the best financial advice you have learned?
  • What is your favorite quote or mantra?
  • What are three must-read books?
  • When in your life were you most committed to someone or something?
  • What time of the day are you most productive and why?
  • Share a time in your life when you felt the most creative and productive.
  • Share a time in your life when you felt the most creative and productive.

” You Won’t Want To Put This Book Down” – Michelle Finnegan-Nixon

The 40/40 Rules Topics from Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40:

  • Wisdom Comes in Many Forms By Holly Porter
  • Let’s Do This Thing Called Life By Jeanette Armstrong
  • Stop Surviving, Start Thriving By Terica Wright
  • Success and Second-Chances By Annette Judd
  • It Is What It Is By Meredith Allen Gordon
  • Under New Management By Daria Dillard Stone
  • My Life Well Lived…So Far By Zan Ray
  • Serving Up Success By Rhonda Beyreis
  • Consistent Business Success By Katrina Sawa
  • Turning Real Estate Dreams into Reality By Catherine Maranca
  • Double Devotion By Juli Martin
  • Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom from Dad By Patricia Henderson
  • Hindsight By Catt Serrano
  • Everything Happens for a Reason By Barb Neuenschwander
  • My Metamorphosis By Dr. Birgitte Tan
  • Live in the Present, Learn from the Past By Tracy Moore
  • Be Seen and Heard, and Shine By Rebecca Hall Gruyter
  • Keep Your Head Above the Voices By Karen “Kiki” Simpson
  • A Journey Towards Success By Kelly LeFevre
  • Do the Work By Camille Baker

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  • Real Answers to Today’s Hard Questions BettyLou Nelson Adam
  • Life Tapped In, Turned On, & Powerful By Freyja Inanna
  • Pursuing Your Dreams with Creativity and Confidence By Kelley Robbins
  • You Are Your Best Compass By River Easter
  • Life Moves On By Christy Weber
  • Charming Changeable You By Toby Moilan
  • Wisdom from the Heart By Betty White
  • Finding Joy By Kaylene Campbell
  • Who Am I By Dr. Vicki D. Coleman
  • A Balanced Life For You By Rhonda Cimorelli
  • Kaleidoscope By Christina Tama Sweet
  • Gratitude By Marion Morgan
  • Serving Up Success By Rhonda Beyreis
  • Embrace Who You Are By Cindy Brogden
  • Climb Every Mountain By Kathy Peake
  • Commitment to be Happy By Cary Mac Arthur
  • Nana Says By Monique Miner
  • Perseverance By Laurel Bushman Batson
  • Visionary Leadership By Sarah Michael
  • A Strong Woman Never Gives Up By Catherine M Laub